In a blink of an eye here we are at the end of February 2021! Today is my mother in law’s birthday, “Happy Birthday Marj” and yesterday was my granddaughter’s 2nd birthday. I cannot believe that we have hardly seen her grow this year in the flesh, thank goodness for social media as her mum has kept us up-to-date with all her mischief, she looks like butter wouldn’t melt, lol

Alice 2 years old

I’ve started working on my online shop but it’s going to take ages populating it. Hopefully I will be uploading it soon. I will have some new items on there to buy, old/used items I want to sell/recycle and bits and bobs of stuff I’ve made. I am still working on decluttering my house as my hubby and I are going to be home alone come August this year as our youngest will be finally flying the next. Everyone seems to be moving house as well at the moment, my friend and neighbour moved 2 weeks ago, my sister moved on Friday, my best friend has bought a holiday home in Wales, my niece has bought her first home with her boyfriend and we are also in the process of moving my mum in to a granny flat that will suit her more in her old age. I’ve been making some lovely homemade gifts. Not everyone has received one due to covid and postage costs but I can gift it when I next catch up with my family and friends which I can’t wait to do. Hope you like them.

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