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It all started at the end of 2014 which I now call my annis horribilis year as the Queen would say.  After nearly 20 years of hard graft building a communications business, my husband Terry and I lost our business due to staffing issues.   A member of our staff who we loved like a daughter and trusted to manage our business accounts had been stealing from our company for a number of years.  We did not see this coming and it floored us both to say the least.  We pulled ourselves together and worked like troopers to get ourselves back on track.  Our family and friends rallied round and offered their continued love and support to get us through those dark depressive days.  Terry is an amazing, hardworking salesman who built a new business from scratch in the e-cigarette world, which

is thriving today.  (Check it out UK Vape Scene for all your e-cigarette needs!)

Me on the other hand, I was so angry with what she had done to us, the bare face lies and deceit and what she did to our business that I had to vent my frustration and so I went through our company accounts and managed to get enough evidence together to take the matter further.  There was so much more that I knew she had stolen from us but I struggled to prove some of it as the business accounts were in such a mess, so with just under £15k of evidence I went to the police with my case.   The CPS charged her early in 2015 for fraud, theft and abuse of position.  After 3 years and 3 months we finally have closure and justice.  Rebecca Joann Hadfield, known to us as Becki Hadfield who worked in our company for over 7 years finally admitted her guilt and pleaded to all charges on Monday 5th March 2018.  She received a 16 month prison sentence and a further 3 month prison sentence to run concurrently that was suspended for 2 years with a rehabilitation programme.

Read the actual Bolton News article…… here.
Bolton News Article
Bolton Newspaper March 2018 Rebecca Hadfield

I am not really sure how this will pan out as I do not believe you can rehabilitate a psychopath and now I realise that is exactly what she is.  She has all the traits of a true psychopath: –

1. They’re extremely charming.
Psychopaths are almost always well-liked. They come across as delightful people great at making small talk. Their quick wit tends to draw people to them. They usually have interesting stories as well. Their convincing tales portray them in a favorable, yet believable light. People walk away from conversations with a psychopath feeling pretty good.
2. They don’t experience remorse.
A lack of guilt might be the first red flag that signals someone might be a psychopath. Psychopaths aren’t capable of feeling any genuine remorse. They don’t accept any responsibility for hurting other people’s feelings. Instead, they blame other people and deny responsibility. A psychopath may say that someone “deserved” to be treated poorly. Or, they may shrug off reports that they offended someone by saying, “She needs to be less sensitive,” or “I guess he can’t handle the truth.”
3. They’re really arrogant.
Psychopaths have an inflated sense of importance. Much like narcissists, they think the usual rules don’t apply to them. They also tend to have grandiose ideas about their potential. They believe they deserve to be the CEO, or they’re convinced they’re the best at everything they do.
4. They take big risks.
Psychopaths have little regard for safety, especially other people’s. They often lie, cheat, and steal to get ahead. This behavior can be especially toxic. While not all psychopaths engage in illegal activity, those who do plan their crimes well in advance. Their misconduct is usually well-organized, and they leave few clues behind. Psychopaths tend to be very intelligent, which makes them great con artists. (Rebecca Joann Hadfield being a product of a scholarship from Bolton School, sad isn’t it!).

This information was taken from this article and makes an interesting read.

'Here CONS the bride'
‘Here CONS the bride’ – Take a Break article, issue 23 dated 07.06.2018

I believe she now has a child and another on the way and I pity those children and anyone else that is in her life at the moment. I have no doubt that she will show her true colours again and cause upset to the next victim in her life.  So many of her friends and people that grew up with her who she has equally hurt over the years have congratulated us for staying strong and following this through to the end.  They feel her ‘fall from grace’ (laughs), she is not as clever as she thinks she is and are chuffed to bits that she has at last received some comeuppance for her evil ways.  She truly is a devil in sheep’s clothing.  She fooled us for years and we never saw these psychopathic traits until it was too late.  Oh well you live and you learn.  We have put this down to a horrible experience and one we never want to repeat.  We are super cautious now but can’t change who we are.

Time is a great healer and all  I can say is ‘good riddance to bad rubbish’.  She is out of our life now and will never be able to hurt us again.  We have done our level best to protect the public with the help of the CPS and the amazing police who helped us to get this justice and I thank God for giving me patience.