17th May 2021

Love this quote and so true, enjoy everyday in the here and NOW!

So finally!!! Some semblance of normality where we can travel around the UK (so I might be able to get to see my sister at last, who lives in Norfolk), and we can see our children and grandchildren and treat them to a nice meal out, INSIDE! Small things but they amount to a lot when you have been cooped up for 15 months. We’ve seen a couple of close friends over the period but life has been pretty boring and since the shops have opened I’ve spent a small fortune ?

Living in Bolton is a worry at the moment with the lastest Indian variant dominating the community and the media. Please God I hope the vaccine will keep it at bay and we don’t go back into some kind of regional lockdown ?

I’m still trying to declutter my hobbies and will have to make a start on selling my stuff on ebay soon. I’m loving going to my new caravan in Wales so I’ve not been as productive as I intended to be but hey ho I deserve a bit of a break. Rhyl has an amazing car boot sale every Sunday so I might try and sell some of my wares on that, we will have to see how much effort it takes. Anyway keep posted for some bargain sales which I hope to post soon as I need the space ?

Stay safe and be happy ?

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