Oh the irony…

The woman who defrauded and stole from our business (Rebecca Johnson nee Hadfield) who was found out in 2014/15 and eventually punished for her crimes in 2018 is now running her own craft business. The irony is… that it was me who introduced her to crafting and fibre arts/mixed media and also taught her how to knit and crochet, I even bought her all the startup tools and also gifted her a sewing machine for Christmas one year. Gosh how she fool us!

One must hope that having rehabilitated (as we have no way of knowing for definite whether her 2 year rehabilitation programme with the UK probationary services was successful or not) and that she has reflected upon her past demeanours and become a better person. One can only hope, that with good help, you can perhaps change your ways although I am sceptical of psychopaths ?. But I do believe that everyone deserves a second chance no matter what.

So that being said, it is clear that she has perfected these crafts in particular crocheting and has made herself a business from it. So all I can say is ‘good luck’ to her! I don’t bear her any malice, I’d just be mindful not to trust her with anyone’s credit card, my husband and I have moved on from that dreadful experience which has made us stronger personally and in business.

You might be asking why have I brought this up then? Well honestly I just had to mention it on my creative blog as an update for all my family and friends as they will most definitely see the irony in this bit of historic news as well as having a nosey at what she does for a living now.

Check out her website here ?

Rebecca Johnson Crochet at www.yarnsandrainbows.co.uk or on Instagram/Facebook/TikTok #yarnandrainbows

Read the story here – https://www.vonniesworld.co.uk/blog/annis-horribilis-year-2014-2015/