Fresh start – 2018 update

Hello 2018 – better late than never!

Well what can I say, where has the time gone?  I can’t believe we are half way through 2018 already.  So what has been going on?  Well this is going to be a long one, so I suggest you get a cup of coffee, come back and have a good read…

The start of the year 2018 was not good for me.  One of my doggies Max was seriously ill, so poorly he spent over 10 days in the doggie hospital over Christmas and the New Year and it took more than 4 weeks to get him back to normal.   I really thought I had lost him but fortunately (Thank you God ❤), Max made a full recovery and is still with us today.  My little Westie boys Max and Paddy are now 12 years old and I love them both with all my heart.

Max & Paddy

Also, in January I started a new job working as a medical secretary for the Royal Bolton Hospital, only 2 days a week and I love it.  The perfect balance for my busy life.This is Max, chilling on my knee in the glorious sunshine.

Max chilling!

So that was January.  February was yet another month full of anxiety as I was a witness in a crown court case.  The perpetrator of this court case after 3 and a half years finally admitted her guilt.  I realise now that you don’t ever really know someone and it is shocking when you find out that someone you loved like a daughter turned out to be one of the  scariest psychopaths you would ever imagine, even after admitting her guilt she tried to blame her ex-husband for her actions, unbelievable!   Well you can read all about our story here, Rebecca Joann Hadfield, known to us as Becki Hadfield, now married as Becki Johnson is now part of our past, good riddance to bad rubbish is all I can say now.  So glad she is out of our lives and I have done my absolute best to protect the public against her and what she is capable of.  My husband has built a new business which is doing brilliantly, we are back to where we were before all this happened 4 years ago and we are certainly more happier than we have ever been.  I have a new job working for the NHS and I also work as a private medical secretary from home and I still have time for my hobbies, just lol.    Life is really good again.  I also have a beautiful granddaughter who brings us so much joy to our lives.

Meet Lucy 18 months old (current picture as at June 2018)

My beautiful granddaughter Lucy aged 18 months in this photo

March was a fairly quiet month, just getting to grips with work, looking after Lucy my granddaughter a couple of times a week, having a lovely family Easter and planning the rest of the year.  It is so true that time is a great healer.  Patience has never been one of my virtues but having to learn to be patient over the past 4 years has been so enriching and made me realise how important living in the moment is and how time and positivity are the greatest healers of all.

April was my daughter’s birthday month and we went to London for a treat.  Last year we were both in New York for her 21st and this year we decided that every year from now on we will celebrate her birthday away for a few days.  I love spending quality time with my daughter.

Me and Emma in London 2018

May was spent much the same as March at home but with the added surprise of amazing hot weather.  So glad I had nothing booked as it felt like being on holiday most days.  Only problem is I made a daft comment about my conservatory doors and patio which gave my hubby an idea and when I came home from work he had dug up my half my garden to make a start on building me a new patio area.  Me and my big mouth!   It is such a big job it will take him 3-4 months to complete it, gggrrrrr so the garden is not the prettiest of sights to relax in at the moment, although I do because I’m not wasting one second of this glorious sunshine.

And now we are in June, my birthday month, so far I don’t have much planned.  I recently went to our Jem’s training meeting in Leeds and caught up with some of my old friends and of course made some new ones.  I still absolutely love my Stampin’ Up products and will be getting back into my classes again this month.

This is my swap for our recent training and I received some really lovely swaps back.

To start with I will be hosting a Catalogue launch night on Tuesday 19th June for my Stampin’ Up customers.  I will be also be starting my classes again so click here for the dates and if you live locally and wish to come along then please let me know.

Looking forward and what’s to come…

  • July – as I will be seeing my sister and her family in Norfolk a nice little break down south.
  • August – I’m hoping my garden will be fully finished and we can enjoy some more lovely summer weather, BBQ’s and alcohol with friends ?.
  • September ? – I’m off to Australia for 3 weeks with my daughter to celebrate my brother’s 50th birthday, can’t wait for that!
  • October – will be back to work, washing, ironing and getting back to normal.
  • November – is our 25th wedding anniversary and we have booked to go to the see the Lochness monster and then down to a remote little hideaway on the west coast of Scotland, no idea what the weather will be like for that though ?, but who cares
  • December – and then it will be Christmas again.

Flipping heck that’s my 2018 in a nutshell so far.

So, time is a great healer.  Time is going so fast I can hardly believe I am almost 51 years of age aaarrrrhhhhh.  I am hoping to start blogging again a little bit more frequently and sharing what I love, this could be my crafting, scrapbooking, sewing projects, cooking ideas and recipes (my amazing Thermomix and Kitchenaid), book recommendations, walking exploits, you know me jack/Jill of all trades master of none.  God loves a trier and I am certainly that!  So if you want a laugh, to socialise and craft with me, a Stampin’ Up demonstration, then let me know life is busy but I always have time for friends ?.

Thanks for listening ❤


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